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About Daniel Baker


Daniel attended Oxford Brookes University and earned a BSc(Hons) in Applied Physics. After finishing University Daniel helped run the NASA World Wind Forums. He made small contributions to the code and eventually became the Open Source Project Manager.

Daniel has worked with various documentary filmmakers to produce computer generated Earth zooms. The History Channel used one of his video clips in their documentary “A Global Warning?“. Daniel became a director of The Free Earth Foundation during his time working with NASA. This charity still maintains the World Wind Central Wiki and hosts the World Wind Forum for NASA.

Daniel also helps with projects for various charities and was a trustee for Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance. Giving something back, and helping break down the stigma that still exists for those with physical and mental health conditions is something feels is very worthwhile.

In 2018 Daniel appeared with Brendan Coyle in the BBC/Netflix drama Requiem.


Daniel Baker sitting in his wheelchair taking a photograph of a sunset over the Malvern hills

Photography has always been a passion of Daniel’s and he has found it invaluable for his physical, and mental wellbeing in recent years.  Taking a course in Mindful Photography has helped improve his work. It has also encouraged to just slow down and appreciate the environment around him.

Daniel’s styles can vary, echoing his thirst for learning new things and for pushing his boundaries. He is particularly fond of landscapes, both urban and rural, showing the beauty and contrast between the two.

This site hosts various galleries of Daniel’s work, please explore and hopefully you will find something that gives you pleasure, or makes you think. Please use the contact form below If you would like more information or just reach out to Daniel.

Finding out more about Daniel Baker

If you are interested in reading more about Daniel Baker’s personal life and other interests, then please visit his Blog. Daniel’s blog contains various less professional, personal, photographs and also contains a more detailed biography of his life and achievements.

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