27th October 2015


Update 2023

Update 2023

I thought it was probably time for another update. This post is partly just to let everyone know I’m still around, but also to remind myself that things have improved after everything last year.

On-Screen Joystick

On-Screen Joystick

This is an On-Screen Joystick for Windows. Created to allow me to play cloud games from Gamepass without connecting a physical joystick

Stock photo of an RTX 3060 Ti Founders Edition GPU

Upgrade from GTX 1060 to RTX 3060 Ti

A very unscientific benchmark and details of my upgrade from an NVIDIA GTX 1060 to RTX 3060 Ti. A massive improvement in framerate.

Update for 2022 – Hospital and stuff

I thought I’d give a brief update on my year so far as I’m sure some people think I’ve vanished into another dimension. The following is directly from my medical notes? 20 Feb 2022 00:00 Immunisation course to maintain protection against SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) 02 Mar 2022 13:19 Infected tooth socket Read more about Update for 2022 – Hospital and stuff[…]

Newspaper article image of Daniel Baker walking his dog wearing a black facemask - Newspaper and BMJ articles plus site updates

Newspaper and BMJ articles plus site updates

A quick update about the site and some Newspaper and BMJ articles I wrote last year.

Black and white selfie of Daniel Baker looking panicked stuck in his van

Looking Back to May 1st 2017 and being Stuck in the Van

After my first adult holiday in Wales the year before I decided to book a holiday in East Sussex for 2017.

Daniel Baker in his wheelchair facing an interested lamb at a visit to April 18th 2014 visit to Sudeley Castle

Looking Back to April 18th 2014 visiting Sudeley Castle

During this period of 12 weeks shielding I don’t want to look to the future or make plans.  So instead I’ve I decided to look back. Today I’m looking back to April 18th 2014 visiting Sudeley Castle.

Mya Cava-Tzu selective focus Galaxy S20+

Samsung Galaxy S20+ first impressions

These are my Samsung Galaxy S20+ first impressions.