Great news from MikeZintel’s WebLog the interesting bit is at the bottom –

I also know that working with the Xbox team has been among the most enjoyable and productive cross group work that I’ve done. I know that my team and the XNA team within Xbox, have been burning the midnight oil to allow us to demonstrate the feasibility of games written in managed code running on a .NET CLR on a final 360 dev kit. And I know that we’ve demonstrated the same game binary (almost the same; oh so close) running on the 360 kit, Windows and on Windows Mobile.

This means it may be possible to port World Wind to the XBOX 360, other than the plain coolness of using WW on a console there are other reasons this could be great, it could be a great way of getting todays console hooked generation interested in science, also schools could buy a 360 hook it up to the internet and go, no need for a technician to set up a pc and less chance of a pupil messing up a windows install.

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