WorldWind Java Basic app released

To go with the release of version 0.3 of the WorldWind Java SDK, there is also a basic Java webstart app that anyone can use, cross platform WorldWind is here! Maybe the linux and Mac users will stop ranting about how WorldWind is not true open source because “It only runs on Windows”.


7 thoughts on “WorldWind Java Basic app released

  • Rotating the globe is much much slower on my computer than in the .NET version. How will the final version compare with World Wind 1.4 performance-wise?

  • Thanks for the reply! :)

    Development on the .NET version has not stopped yet, has it? (The only serious problem I had with the current 1.4.0 version (that works smoothly on my older computer) is that downloads stall often, but to be honest this may be a problem with the internet connection, and not with the software.)

  • No .NET is still being worked on by the community, NASA will need to approve any releases but they are not currently coding for it, this is why development is a bit slow. The good news is that the download code has had a major overhaul for 1.4.1, it is already much more stable and responsive, it just needs a few finishing touches.

    Stay tuned…

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