World Wind server hackers caught

Well I don’t recall it being a big issue, and I can’t really remember what they did to the site, NASA network admins are quick to block anything suspicious (sometimes too quick), but apparently the group who hacked Jira have been caught by Spanish police, from CyberCrime & Doing Time

Members of the group are said to have hit NASA back in March, but it is unclear whether “Spanish Hackers Team”‘s March defacement of “” is the same reference. Certainly its the same server that the closely allied hacker “SSH-2” hit as recently as April 25th, but we do have a positive reference of D.O.M member “an0de” hitting the NASA server “” back in August 2007.

I wouldn’t worry about any private data being exposed, the issues server is for developers and community members to report bugs and is fully viewable by the public anyway, plus these hacking kiddies just deface sites which is pretty pointless in my opinion.

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