World Wind search is working again

Users of World Wind will probably have noticed placefinder has been broken for a while, I assumed it was due to API changes and some error on the WorldWind Central server, after getting an email from Randy Kim at NASA it turns out someone forgot to renew our .org domain, and of ourse that had to be the address World Wind uses. So FEF/Yahoo!/Google searches are all working again thanks to Dom at Vidahost.

6 thoughts on “World Wind search is working again

  • Actually now I think about, I think it was their support for Worldwind (or some part of it) that made me go with them in the first place! Certainly haven’t regretted it!

  • Yup one of the guys who runs it is a good friend of World Wind and used to host a lot of add-ons for us, he is still a member of FEF and helps out when his University studies allow.

  • Hi this site is a blog, mainly dedicated to NASA World Wind, an open source virtual globe similar to Google Earth, but with more scientific data. Vidahost is a web hosting company run by a friend who also helps with the World Wind project and is a sysadmin for WWC a charity which hosts geogrwphic data.

    Hope that helps, and thanks for the kind words.


  • I too am lost but i think that even though this website looks a little funny, it still is a really cool website. I just hope that more and more people should visit this website more often.

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