World Wind Java will not be open development

An interesting snippet from the World Wind irc channel

expect that the api will be final and u guys can finally start doing stuff with it
(the api, not the core code)
the core code will be open source, but (as u guys like to call it) not open development. contributions can be submitted for review though

We were all kind of expecting this, but personally I think NASA is shooting itself in the foot. I know of quite a few very skilled coders waiting for World Wind Java to start contributing code, of course NASA is known for changing its policy so we can all hope they will reconsider, although I doubt this will happen while Tom Gaskins is running the project.

4 thoughts on “World Wind Java will not be open development

  • well, again the “good old” OS vs. OpenDevelopment story ;)
    I agree with you (“NASA is shooting itself in the foot”). Since there is nearly no more .Net development going on with WW (no .Net OS developer interested anymore?), NASA shouldn’t miss the chance to lure some JAVA Devs …. but NASA’s ways are mostly mysterious ;)

  • Totally agree. I think a lot of developers are waiting for a completely open source and open development Google Earth competitor !

    The NASA should fear the fork as well…

  • May not be a bad thing. If I understand things correctly, the Java work is in response to a user requirement and the statement was made that the source would be open, but contributed changes would have to be sumbitted for review. I assume the reason for the java port at all is so it can be used in some of their java-based mission control software and other places where highly configuration managed code is required.

    If that understanding is correct, then there are only a few options:

    – Completely close the source and maintain total configuration control (killing the java worldwind as a community project)

    – Release the project as a completely community driven project and deal with the nightmare of syncing the controlled version with the community version.

    – Release the code to the community and allow modifications, but require outside changes to be submitted and reviewed before becoming “offical” WorldWind

    The last option seems perfectly reasonable. WorldWind becomes a “real” product with a controlled feature/test history, but the comminity can still make imporovements. If they are too restrictive, there will be a fork, no big deal (if X can be forked in a productive manner (, anything can be!).

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