World Wind Java video 1

I think this is the first time I have made a World Wind Java video clip, but expect more as it is finally starting to impress me, the music in the clip is actually by World Wind Java developer Patrick Murris (a man of many skills).

The video was a direct capture from the applet running on the Cascade Volcanoes Tour Applet page, the page is fairly simple (screenshot below), but shows the power of the SDK.

wwj cascades

The applet starts with a standard Earth Globe then zooms in to the Cascades region, clicking on each vol canoe’s name in the list smoothly moves the camera to its location, and of course you can freely drag the camera around, zoom and tilt like in any other virtual globe. In my opinion this would be a great addition to many wikipedia pages, and could be used on many educational websites to easily give them a ‘wow’ factor and grab the attention of today’s children.

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