World Wind Java teasers

Ok I haven’t covered World Wind Java much, as most know I’m no Java fan (but I’m willing to be proved wrong), so here is a sneak peek of what’s coming next.

First off some of the NASA Java team will be at the JavaOne conference for the unveiling, of Sun Java technology, and GL Studio for Human Machine Interface technology. Be sure to say hi if you attend.

Now for some eye candy, no I don’t have a copy myselft yet, and yes I’m jealous.

World Wind Java teasers
The instruments in this view are *live* and showing real time data of a real world F-16. This fully instrumented F-16 simulation is running smoothly at 1920×1200 on a laptop with full screen anti-aliasing and all image quality settings set to their highest.

World Wind Java teasers
I can’t help thinking this would make a great game, I wonder if the rockets have flame and smoke trails when fired.

World Wind Java teasers
Oh no where did the pilot go?

I’m sure Chad will post more details over at The Earth is Square so be sure to pop over there too.

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