World Wind featured on South Africa's space portal

World Wind featured on South Africa's space portal
After some work from me (FEF) and Maurizio (Madmappers), we finally have a section up on the South African space portal, and are the featured section of the month. It could have been finished a lot sooner but both of us keep getting sidetracked, I’m fairly proud to have a section on an official .gov site, especially considering my lack of web design experience.

There will be more Africa content coming to World Wind soon so stay tuned.


The South Africa add-on is a set of topographical maps covering all of South Africa, in addition a few areas also have othophotos. The data in this add-on was obtained by Madmappers from various sources, they then processed the data and in collaboration with FEF put it on servers for access by World Wind users.

This imagery is not public domain, please see the license section for more information.

Currently included data

* South Africa 50k Topo maps.

* Africa 250k Topo maps.
o South Africa
o Lesotho
o Malawi
o Mozambique
o Namibia
o Swaziland
o Zambia
o Zimbabwe

* Various areas with aerial imagery.

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