World Wind development screenshots

I just thought I’d post some screen shots to show we aren’t just procrastinating.

VE Hastings

World Wind development screenshots
The first two show the Virtual Earth plug-in, we have made a small change so that clicking ‘open in’ uses the internal browser, this is pretty neat as you can quickly see birds eye imagery of the area you are viewing.

World Wind development screenshots
The next screen shot shows World Wind accessing the server for Swedish orthophotos, this uses a special tile request feature which is new in the SVN build, so it won’t work with 1.4. This new feature should allow World Wind to access any webserver that uses a bbox style query, you will just need to figure out the conversion and modify the appropriate xml tag, I have this Ogle Earth thread to thank for helping us to realise this was possible.

The next flickr screen shot is one a community member posted on #worldwind, from Yuri’s night, you can see World Wind running with the VE plug-in on the right screen.

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