World Wind Camera code updates


 NZ LINZ with new camera code in World Wind.

Patrick Murris made the mistake of asking what I’d like him to look at for 1.4.1, I suggested the camera code as I’d been told it was rather buggy, well he’s been pulling his hair out but we have our first commit of his code in SVN, and it looks pretty good so fa,r it needs a lot of thorough testing though, so please compile and help us test it, the Jira issue is WW-802.

This is it. I went through all the distance/tilt/altitude computations
and they are consistent now.
I wish i could understand some of what the original code was trying to
do (like the distance thing)…

Anyway, this camera looks OK to me, but it would definitely need a lot of
hard testing by some community users before it goes in 1.4.1. I’m not
sure it will live up to the various situations : hi res subsets where
you are very close to the ground, extreme VE, other planets…

BTW: this camera can go underwater now… but a lot of things brake then
: atmosphere, sky gradient, viewfrustrum/quadtile bounding box test,
picking at terrain sphere (we are inside the sphere)… So i added an
‘AllowNegativeAltitude’ in the camera section of the World.Settings that
default to false. That way, some people may try to go underwater… and
on my side, i’ll try to track down and fix what brakes underwater.

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