World Wind 1.4.1 – 13616 downloads and counting

The total number of downloads for the alpha build of World Wind 1.4.1 is over 13,000, that is not including any mirrors out there, pretty impressive.

I released the alpha on the 31st of January with a short post on the World Wind Forum, since then I have made one short blog post about it, and recently added a link on the WWC news page, so I am pretty surprised by the volume of downloads (and happy I didn’t put it on my server), this shows that the .NET version of World Wind is still very popular and gives me encouragement to get the beta out as soon as I can.

So thank you to everyone who has downloaded the alpha, and all the developers who have worked on 1.4.1 , I will get a second alpha out soon and then move on to the beta.

P.S. – The alpha download may soon be unreachable for a few hours due to server maintenance, but will be back.

Edit – here are some stats provided by Nowak, they are based on zoomit! access, which is a remote xml downloaded by World Wind each time it starts in online mode, it shows that the alpha has reached the same level of use as version 1.3.6.


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