World Wind 1.4 promo video

World Wind 1.4 promo video

Ok so 1.4 isn’t actually out yet, it is pretty much ready and will probably be one of our most stable releases so far, we are really only waiting for someone to build an installer.

This video uses graphics from within the program, I have done no post processing to add fancy effects, what you see is actual 1.4 content.

The video tries to quickly show off many of World Winds features from fancy sun shading, to more scientific things like NRL near realtime weather, the new compass and scalebar are in there too don’t blink or you will miss them.

My main aim is for this to bring more attention to World Wind, Google has a great PR department which we don’t, so I’m hoping this video will be spread around the net, if any TV companies want to put it on there shows, as a news segment or something feel free, all imagery and sound is public domain so there are no copyright issues to worry about.

I’m not totally happy with this video, I’m no professional and I only used virtualdub to make it, I really can’t afford to waste any more time on it though, and it’s not bad, so it will have to do.

The video is hosted on youtube, but for those wanting a higher quality version you can download a 43MB xvid here, please don’t abuse this link as it is hosted on WorldWind Centrals servers, use youtube unless you need a high quality version.

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