Windows 7

First thoughts


Ok Multiboot install was easy, no need to use cursor arrows on an ugly text based screen, just a simple GUI with mouse support, also nice is the ability to use an on screen keyboard and magnifier.  Not so good is the time it takes to expand files, it stayed on 0% so long I was tempted to reboot, maybe a larger iso with less file compression would be better,  the other part that took a while was completing installation, there isn’t even a progress indicator for this which I found very frustrating.  On the plus side it saw my RAID and didn’t BSOD like XP.

After finally booting into Windows 7 you just think VISTA, I dislike the magnifier and would like a ‘classic’ option so I can just attach it to the top of the screen like in XP, also my Marvell network adapter was not installed so I am going to have to download the Vista 64 bit drivers under XP then install them manually.

All in all my first try was ok, it will take a while of playing around to decide whether it is really any good or not, so far I’m thinking it could really just be a Vista service pack renamed by Microsoft’s spin department to get people like me to forget the crappiness of Vista and finally upgrade from XP, more updates will follow after I get the network working and try installing World Wind.

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