Windows 7 – Canon LiDE 35 installation fix

Windows 7 – Canon LiDE 35 installation fix (also works on Windows 10)

Canon Lide 35 scanner

So I was fairly happy with Windows 7 except for one thing, my canon Canon LiDE 35 scanner would just not install, I tried Vista drivers, 64 and 32 bit versions, XP drivers, drivers that weren’t even for my scanner, I also tried all the tricks, compatibility mode, admin mode, manual installation, basically anything I could think of, but in the end I gave up and resigned myself  the fact that if I wanted anything scanned I would have to boot into XP.

I recently checked the Windows 7 forums again and noticed a post suggesting something I may have missed, and to my amazement it worked!

Here are the steps for anyone with a similar problem –

Open device manager locate the scanner device (it probably has a yellow exclamation mark next to it).

Select properties then update driver.

Choose Browse my computer for driver software then Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

Look for Canon Inc. in the manufacturer list, then select CanoScan LiDE 60.

Click next and ignore any warnings about the driver not matching your hardware.

That’s it, all done, your scanner should now work.

Edit: You may need to run ScanGear CS before the drivers will show up, get it from Canon’s Europe site – ScanGear CS Vista x64 or my local mirror 32 bit / 64 bit.

For 32 bit versions of Windows 7 try this tip from CherrySu – “I changed the version of the CanonScan Toolbox from 4.9 to 4.5 and that seemed to solve the problem I was having with the TWAIN source!”

Another tip from the comments – The Canon drivers only support TWAIN scanning, not the new WIA mode in Windows 7.  To get round this you can use Picassa’s import feature (found under the file menu).  You can then save them to be opened in Photoshop etc.  Download Picassa for free here.

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133 thoughts on “Windows 7 – Canon LiDE 35 installation fix

  • Wonderful, it works! Tnx!
    Before you can point to the drivers you have to download them from Canon site.
    At “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” you should click “Have disk…” and then point to the location of the extracted driver, e.g. “DriversCanonscannerlide60vst6411111a_64enSetupSGCNQL60.INF”

  • Glad it helped, yes I missed the download drivers bit, I had messed about so much and downloaded so many things I forgot they weren’t already installed with Windows 7.

  • Hello,

    I have done it as you have written but it doesn`t work!
    With the Windows 7 64 bit Driver from Canon it doesn`t work. The installion break with Error.

    Then I have download the Windows98 / Me Drivers from Canon and it works fine with your way !?



    • Did you use the drivers from the link in the post? I think they are the Vista x64 versions, also this will only work in applications that use TWAIN, the built in Windows 7 scan tool won’t work as it needs WIA drivers.

  • Windows 7 – HP Color LaserJET 1600 installation fix.
    This is not relted with Cann Lide 35 but I think this can help people.
    Firstly install HP Color LaserJet 1600 Plug and Play Package. Unzip any folder. then install. I installed x64 bit. It will try to install but will be failed.
    Remember the installation folder or better copy the address folder. Then open the printer and devices folder. Do the similar process Choose Browse my computer for driver software then paste the location to save files as (D:Program Files (x86)Hewlett-Packardcolor LaserJet 1600 Drivers). OS will define your printer as HP Color LaserJET 1600.

  • Hi ! thank you it works ! but I can’t use CanoScan Toolbox to scan documents, it doesn’t work… what can I use ?

  • Brilliant! The LIDE60 x64 drivers work for the LIDE35 on Win7 Pro X64 as stated. I installed the toolbox after the drivers and had no problem at all. Why cannot Canon figure this out?

    (A much less acceptable ‘solution’ that worked was to run an XP virtual machine, where the 32-bit drivers worked fine. One needs to experience that to understand why it is not a serious answer, but alas, the Canon people suggested it, and it does work.)

    • They seem to have some Windows 7 drivers out now, they wouldn’t install for me though, maybe because of the lide 60 drivers or because I’m still on the RC, the dates in the inf file look old though and still no WIA support.

  • when you say—- Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

    Look for Canon Inc. in the manufacturer list, then select CanoScan LiDE 60. ” Its does not list SCANNERS?

    What do I choose before Manufacture list please?

  • You’re an absolute life saver, I’m probably not the best with computers but I tried everything I could think of, I followed these instructions and got it right away, I use my scanner all the time, I honestly couldn’t thank you enough.

  • Windows 7(x64) The LIDE-60 drivers worked PERFECTLY with my LIDE-35. Thanks very much for the information. Now, when Canon decides to put together some Windows 7(x64) drivers for the LIDE-80 I’ll dust it off and use that one as well.

  • i’m having this same problem with the lide 60. Any tips on what to do (exept the virtual machine trick)?
    i tried every driver from lide 60 to 90 for quite every OS but nothing yet…

    I’m running win 7 x64 .

  • Has anyone gotten this to work with the LIDE-30? I went through the instructions above to “trick” Windows into using the LIDE-60 driver for it, but Photoshop errors with “Cannot communicate with scanner. Cable may be disconnected or scanner may be turned off. Check status. Scanner driver will be closed.” Followed by, “Could not open the TWAIN source. Make sure there is a valid source for your scanner in the TWAIN directory found in the Windows directory.”

    This is on Vista x64.


  • My Lide35 works very fine with the described method, and i´m very glad . I red over 100 of sites about the problem…no solution. Million thanks to the author.
    Yours sincerely

  • Thanks! It worked perfectly for me. It was nice to find this post after lots of time trying different things unsuccesfully.

  • Gentlemen, my LIDE 60 drivers load correctly but I can not get the ScanGear application installed. It does not show in the Start Menu and it is not installed in the Program Files. Running Win 7 x64. Please any suggestions?

  • Worked like a charm! Just make sure to click on imaging devices when asked what type of device is being installed. Thanks.

  • Hey, thank you very very much. I was on the point to abandon my LiDE35 just after upgrading to Win7 64Bits. Now it works.
    Once I installed the drivers as per the post instructions I had problems with the CanoScan Toolbox. I installed the one on the US Canon Site(
    “CanoScan Toolbox Ver.” / cstbwin4932en.exe and it works !!!
    Thanks again.

  • Thanks to Bulls and L. Verrastro. For Windows 7 64bit just follow this:

    1. Download and install drivers from:
    2. Follow Bulls scanner installation instructions: open device manager…
    3. Download and install Canonscan Toolbox from:
    4. Reboot and enjoy a working scanner without virual xp or cmptblty mode.

  • Hi. Thanks a lot for the istruction.
    I used the canon lide 60 driver and the Canon scan toolbox for windows vista 32 bit version 111.11a.
    Now it’s work properly.

    Ciao, grazie mille per le istruzioni.
    Ho usato il driver e il Canon Scan Toolbox per Windows Vista a 32 bit versione 111.11a.
    Adesso tutto funziona perfettamente.

  • I tried several ways and many hours. (Including vmware -> virtualmachine-> WinXP -> Canon Software and drivers)

    But the solution is to

    1. Download “ScanGear CS” file “lide60vst6411111a_64en.exe” source: “”
    2. Download “canoscan toolbox 4.932” source: “” (it´s a german one…)
    3. Unpack manually (via Winrar or Winzip) the “ScanGear CS”-file on your internal harddisk (Usually c:) in a folder of your choice i.e. c:Program Files Canon
    4. Start -> Systemsteuerung (Something like System Setting?! I have a german win7) -> Hardware und Sound -> Geräte und Drucker (Devices and Printer)-> Device Manager

    then install manually like Kubilay described with his7her printer…

  • Помогите пожалуйста!!!! Установили Windows 7 на ноутбук, но принтер Canon i320 оказался несовместимым((( С официального сайта Canon скачивала драйвера, но он хотя и пишет “Установка прошла успешно”, всё равно не хочет устанавливать принтер! что делать теперь?

  • Thanx. The thing that did it was to follow the instructions to force the Lide 60 driver to be installed by picking it from the list of manufactures and devices. At first I tried several times the common way but answer from win7 was always that no driver was to be found for this device (Lide 35).

  • I did everything done that Andrew Brooke detailed in his notes and still I have nothing and I am getting very aggravated.

  • Thanks, that has worked brilliantly for me ! Now to figure out how to get my Epson Stylus Photo 890 working. Halfway home !

  • Glad it worked for you guys, good luck with your epson, I don’t have an epson so can’t really help on that one, Windows 7 does seem to support most stuff with a little fiddling though, let me know how it goes.

  • I have Lide 60 working on Windows 7 64. But I find the canon Software difficult, I used to use vuescan on xp which was simple and excellent, but Vuescan will not recognise scanner attached. Canon say they cannot comment on third party software and Vuescan suggested trying epson scanner….. any tips?

  • Thanks a million to everyone here who have asked questions or given answers. Using your advice I have got my scanner working and connted through a very old version of Paperport. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge

  • Hey, man. I’ve been trying to fix this thing for months now. I realize I’m a little late, but this was the best explanation I’ve heard on the LIDE 35/Windows 7 (64) issue. It still doesn’t function fully the way it used to though. I need a WIA driver or something like that in order to import into Photoshop like I did before. But you know what? At least I can scan images again. Thanks again, man, and totally major kudos to you.

  • Windows 7 – Canon LiDE 35 installation fix.
    I wish to express my gratitude to the above post on how to solve this W7 incompatibility with my CanoScan LIDE 50 because Cannon Inc. has failed to update the driver. Without mincing words, I followed your guide stepwisely and to my utter amazement and happiness I succeded in getting my now old machine to work. Many thanks to you. Bless u & more power to ur elbow bloke. Adieu. adeyemi00

  • In response to a question on which CanoScan Tool box to use: I successfully installed the one that was made for the CanoScan LIDE 60- Toolbox 4.9.

  • Brilliantt! I had all but given up looking for the driver for my LiDe 35, but now it’s working fine with Omnipage too on Windows 7 thanks to your instructions :-D

  • I’ve followed the steps and have had success installing the drivers for this scanner, but I get the following error;

    “There is no application registered for this event.”

    Any ideas?

  • You are a genius. I followed your instruction, and hey presto! Another LIDE 35 scanner saved from a landfill. Why couldn’t the Canon Corporation have thought of this?

  • Thanks for the help and advice for installing this ‘upgrade’!
    There were a couple of folks wondering how to get Canon Toolbox working for the Canoscan Lide 35 AFTER having installed the Windows 7 64-bit driver (as described here). You do need a windows 7 64 bit Canon Toolbox version. I used the Canoscan Lide 60 Toolbox software for 64-bit windows 7 (see The Lide 60 Toolbox software runs perfectly with the Canoscan Lide 35 scanner.

  • Superb advice. I have been looking everywhere on web for help on how to obtain the driver for Canon Lide 35 in Win7 64 bit environment because it is a great little scanner with a tiny footprint. Canon is not helpful at all and while many folks provided suggestions, they were pretty complicated involving unzipping files etc etc. I followed Bull’s clear steps and by cracky, it worked seamlessly. This has saved me so much aggro, thank you Bull. Regards.

  • Another satisfied customer :) I agree its a great little scanner and I would have hated having to get rid of it, Canon make great hardware but software support leaves a lot to be desired.

  • I downloaded both of your suggestions. My scanner sounded like it was alive then I got the message there is no software connected to this?!?

  • Bull, perhaps when you have a few nanoseconds in next week or so you might be able to provide some advice. As you know on 10/2/2010 I followed your guide for the Lide 35 in Win7 64 bit environment and it worked like a charm. So being full of myself, with new laptops (Win7 64 bit) recently acquired, I thought: piece of cake, will just follow Bull’s instructions and once again seamlessly get the scanner working with new machines. Shows what happens when you get overconfident. Despite downloading the Lide 60 software and successfully getting the scanner recognized. when trying to use it up popped the following error message: “there is no image registered for this event” and when I try to use the Canoscan Toolbox 5.0 for Win7, an additional error surfaces: “unable to select twain”. Bull, what is driving me crazy is that it worked perfectly on October 2nd (zero error messages), but on November 1st with practically identical machines (Win7 and 64 bit) apparently I am out of luck. The forum website address should you wish to note the other problems folks are having is

    Thanks for any help you might be able to provide. Microsoft and Canon have pretty much punched out on this issue. Obviously Canon wants to sell me a new scanner and Microsoft knows there is a problem but offers no solution.

  • Bull, don’t spend any time on my question/issue. I just gave up. It all has to do with the WIA Win7 64 bit driver that Canon decided not to develop for the Lide 35 and I guess by extension the Lide 60. I am now running a Canon All-in-One product MP210 successfully on the 64 bit Win7 laptop. The time I spent trying to wrassle the Lide 35 into submission could have purchased me 5 all in one’s. I guess I will use the 35 for a door opener. Oh but I did learn a lot about image acquisition stuff over the past two days. Enough to know that I never want to hear the phrase for the rest of my life. Thanks again. The Rocket.

  • Sorry Peter as you say WIA is a pain, an I doubt Canon will ever provide support for our LIDE scanners, I have no trouble with TWAIN though and I’m now running Win 7 x64 SP1 RC, I use Paint Shop Pro 7 though which is pretty old I assume all the new software uses WIA so won’t work.

  • my friend, I need some help. your suggestion didn’t work.. then I tried installing also the lide60 driver and didn’t work either. the scanner makes some noise but then windows say something like this “there’s not a device registered for this event. I went through properties os the scanner, set up photoshop as a device for this “event” and when I press the scan button, it only makes some noise, open photoshop and nothing is scanned. what should I do?
    thank you

    • Julia are you trying to use windows 7’s built in scanning software? If so this will not work, you need software that supports TWAIN like Paint Shop Pro 7, any software that only supports Microsoft’s new WIA system will not work with your scanner, sorry.

  • Thank you for the solution, for me it works perfect!

    Julia, I had similar problem. After multiple uninstall/reinstall/reboot etc…
    I found out that the mechanism locking latch at the backside of the scanner was set on ‘lock’.
    After setting it on ‘unlock’ the programs and scanner worked fine.
    If you haven’t cheked the latch position already, it’s worth a try.

  • This fix did not work for me – my new laptop with preloaded Windows7 64-bit does not show the driver for CanonLide60 :(

  • Unfortunately, with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 this solution does not work. Yes the driver gets installed but it still does not operate the Libe 35 scanner. The canon software as well as any other software are say the TWAIn is not functioning

  • Worked like a charm for me including toolbox and easy photoprint!

    However Vuescan wiil not recognise my scanner since it insists that I have lide 35 which is true, but I have it set up as Lide 60 of course. doofus did not have a problem – so how do you do it?

    Many thanks for your great help

  • Seems like Ultimate is a problem. I’v got the driver installed and toolbox 5, but gets the error: Unable to select TWIN source, when it comes to selecting the scanner.


  • fantastic at last my lide 35 works fine on windows 7 64
    glad i found this solution saved me buying a new scanner
    many thanks

  • Do you know how to fix it on Win XP? I cannot scan and uninstall The OmniPage because of “critical error during the instalation” Help

  • It all sounded so promising! I go through your steps as described but when it comes to the list of device drivers the only “Canon Inc.” ones are all Inkjets. “Canon” on its own gives a list that consists of more printers and cameras but no CanoScans. I have Win 7 Professional 64-bit. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Tim,

    Did you follow the link at the end of the original post (ScanGear CS Vista x64) ? It worked for me: it installed the Lide 60 driver (under Canon Inc.). Then you start again the installation process.

    Thanks for the original post ! Saved a great hassle installing the scanner under Win XP Mode.

  • MuchAss GrassyAss!! Give that man a gold star! A true life saver!

    This method Totally works! Now i’m up and scanning again yippee! :D

    ThanX again big style!

  • If I could kiss you, I would. THANK YOU!
    Been banging my head on my desk for hours now… I really do not need to buy a new scanner and was so frustrated I couldn’t get my lide35 to work.
    Thanks again!

  • I had the error with CanoScan Toolbox 4.9 “Unable to open TWAIN source”
    I found the fix from

    First, determine the correct path to add into the PATH environment variable. Look in C:Windowstwain_32 and there should one other folder in there. In my case it was named CNQ4803.

    This is the path that is needed to be added into the PATH environment variable.


  • Thank you for my first donation Atmospheric Optics I really appreciate it (let me know if you want your name changed or removed or website link added)

  • Hi!! I was trying out your solution on my Canon LIDE35, but Im running on Windows 7 32bit and just so you know, I changed the version of the CanonScan Toolbox from 4.9 to 4.5 and that seemed to solve the problem I was having with the TWAIN source! Anyway, hope it helps, and thanx for your solution!!!

  • It took two days but now my Canon Lide 35 works fine with Windows 7 64 bit edition.
    As mentioned abov,e the trick is to install the drivers for the Lide 60 (choose 32 or 64 bit) version according to your OS. I confirm (as others have done) that it is OK to ignore the warnings from Win 7 about incompatibility – just install
    (I used the advice from and would have saved some time if I had come here first)

    The message “There is no application registered for this event” means you need the other version of Canon Scan Toolbox (I had to move from 4.5 to 4.9)
    – Toolbox 4.5 for 32 bits
    – Toolbox 4.9 for 64 bits

    Once the scanner driver and toolbox were installed I rebooted and all was well.

    Good luck & thanks to all contributors

  • This is certainly my initial stop by and I really like what I’m seeing. Your weblog is so much fun to look over, quite compelling as well as informative. I’ll undoubtedly recommend it to my friends. Nevertheless, I did have some problem with the commenting. It kept giving me an problem whenever I clicked on publish comment. I hope, that can be fixed. Many thanks

  • Hey thank very very much for this great tech tip my nice lide 35 is up and running again in fact google’s Picasa 3 (favorite quick and dirt photo editor) recognizes the scanner as a import device and brings up the twain driver with zero issues and the cano scan toolbox window 7 64bit version for lide 60 works well too as a stand alone application . The only bit of advice I have is where to find the windows driver was under something called “image systems” or something similar to that description and had several of canons older 3 in 1 printers listed, the last idem was canoscan lide 60 driver (apparently the scanner on the 3in1 printers used the same scanner drivers the Lide 60 does). Anyhow it WORKS!!!!!! YIIIPPPEEE!!!! lol. I’ve got a boat load of old European vacation photos to go though and scan and being out on medical leave from work Ive got tons of time to process the scans. But thanks to the multiple image scan feature usual 3 sometime 4 photos to a scan speeding up the process considerably. Now where are the fabulous photos from the RAF museum in Hendon….. hmmm so I can post and email mail my skeptical aviation friends with photo proof Ive been there. BTW the jpeg file size is all that big about 1mb for 600dpi and about 600kb for 300dpi not bad but in the era of 2tb drives going for $79.00 usd I could problem scan all my 15 years of vacation photo history and not even use 25% of one of my 2tb drives that is the *cough* good pics not the figuratively and literal footage LOL . Thanks again for the great advice I found this page after a hour searching Google the right link and the magic phrase that brought your page to the top was “how to get canon lide 35 scanner to run on windows home premium 64 ” You came to the top of the page you rock star ! Thank you Thank you Thank you again. Bob San Gabriel CA USA!

  • Amazing! This works absolutely great, I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you’re on comment page 3 – be sure to check out older comments on pages 1 and 2, I didn’t at first haha! A huge, huge thanks for everything, I’m using my scanner now everday for my Uni work. Thank you, thank you!

  • Hi! Thanks Bull for this tip, it actually worked!

    But I, too, had the problem with the WIA driver and had that “TWAIN” error when I was trying to use the CanoScan Toolbox. So this is what worked for me and maybe will be helpful for someone else in a future ocasion: after hours of trying to fix it, I read from somewhere that Picasa 3 is compatible with my Canon LiDE 35 (recognized by my Windows 7 as a Canon LiDE 60). So I downloaded it and it actually has an option of importing images from the scanner. So just forget about the Toolbox, the ScanGear driver is enough and use Picasa as the “connector” to scan docs.

  • I have a brand new HP with x64 and tried everything suggested above with no luck. On another forum I found a post that said to download the Toolbox package for the LiDE 25. I did and it now works like a charm
    Thanks for the help and hope what I found points others in the correct direction

  • F*ckin’ awesome issues here. I am very satisfied to see your article. Thank you so much and i’m taking a look forward to touch you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

  • WOW! Now that is what you call a well written article, it has everything in it that as a reader you want to know. Keep up the good work and continue to post great articles like this one.

  • Had to download and install the Lide 60 Drivers then follow the steps above and now seems to be working OK. Thanks.

  • Just to express my thanks for an excellent solution at last with sorting out the driver for canonscan lide35. Spent almost a day yesterday downloading driver as described elsewhere but then impossible to install. Wouildn’t accept tyhe .inf driver file when I pointed to it. Then I read this and followed it carefully, not goinmg to the driver folder but following the instructions for Canon kit in the list of manufacturers items. It worked, immediately, without even a reboot. Many many thanks.

  • doesn’t work at all… even when I choose directly that folder where drivers are, it says it can’t find them. seems to be hopeless :/ anyone has the same trouble?

  • just succeeded to install drivers, but it still doesn’t work with irfan view, saying that it can’t connect …

  • Thanks for some other informative site. Where else could I get that
    type of info written in such a perfect way?
    I’ve a venture that I am simply now running on, and I’ve been on the glance out for
    such information.

  • ohhh help me i cant find the cannon INC. no cannon INC. in the manufacturer list.. haist help me plsss :(

  • Hi have the Cannon LIDE35 on windows 7 Ultimate 64bit I have spent all day can not get it to work. I have download many drivers sadly none did work. PLEASE PLEASE HELP.

    • I’m not sure what could be wrong, unless microsoft have blocked them with a security update the above driver and procedure should work, you could try turning off any anti virus software while installing, some can be overzealous and block things.

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