WCS – Update 1

I have had a reply from Ms.Bush, who I had asked for temporary batteries for my old chair until our meeting, here it is –

I have checked with the repair service engineers who have looked at alternative temporary batteries, and the possibility of just having power to the controller to operate tilt/recline was explored, without power to the motors, but for 2 reasons they have advised this is not possible 1) the battery compartment is a specific size that would not allow temporary batteries to be fitted, and 2) the shape of the terminals will not allow connection and the positioning of the safety fuse.

These reasons sound like they may be legitimate for the batteries they have lying around, they have also offered a shorter appointment on the 27th which is slightly better.

In my reply I asked to test the Spectra until then, doubt that they will but it’s worth a try, I also asked for the email address of whoever is running the NHS South West Wheelchair Pilot project so I could discuss personal budgets with them.

I will post again with any further updates,

Edtit:- I have been told by an expert that the points above are false, “The storm can accept the group 24 batteries, or any of the other commonly used powerchair batteries. With or without tilt etc. There are just 3 common battery types used on powertchairs like yours. All will fit, regardless of terminal type – even if incorrect, with about 2 minutes work.”

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