Virgin Media fail

For the past couple of days I have been having problems with my internet connection dropping, the only solution being to do multiple reboots of the Modem.

At first I obviously thought it was something I had done, I had updated my Tomato firmware to a newer version (Teddy Bear Mod), but I couldn’t spot anything wrong, then I began to suspect the modem (it’s a stupid webstar one), so I contacted Virgin and was told it was a fault in my area and given a ref number for the issue.

So now I have a reference number with nowhere to actually check the status of it, the Virgin status page has a red icon for broadband but below it says there are currently no issues, checking my area also gives no issues, but checking daily updates gives plenty of issues, unfortunately none related to my ubr (Staverton).

So according to Virgin there are broadband issues but there aren’t any broadband issues, my area has no issues but does have issues according to a technician, all issues that are listed say they will be fixed within 4 hours (then they are updated to say they will be fixed within 4 hours, 4+4+4+……), I guess I am left to reboot my modem every time my connection drops, renew my lease on my router, then wait for the next drop and repeat, arghhhh.

2 thoughts on “Virgin Media fail

  • Bull, you helped me do some stuff on the worldwind and I would like to thank you in the credits of my movie. It’s a little,obscure, heavily birdy movie, but still, there are many obsessive-compulsive types who go for our stuff. I’m going to put you in the credits as “Bull” if you don’t give me a real name. Clearly you have a real name, what with havin’ such a great pooch as you do. (and pooch pups.)

    p.s. I loaded up a movie bit to your youtube group if you want to check it out before committin’

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