Unhitched – WorldWind zoom?

While watching Fox’s new comedy Unhitched I noticed a zoom from space, this looked awfully familiar, to me it looks like WorldWind, here are some screenshots (images removed as host server no longer active).

WorldWind screenshot

Except for some post processing it looks pretty close, the final zoom does look higher resolution, but to me that looks like an overlay, and in the credits it does say satellite imagery by NASA, I checked Yahoo/VE/Gmaps and none have the same high res image, so it is probably custom imagery.

Finally, just to show off, I made my own version of the zoom, with some post processing I’m sure my version would beat theirs, and I’m sure we could have come to some arrangement (I have my eye on a nice 8800GTS).

Edit – For anyone interested the unhitched apartment is located at 42.353271,-71.074365,  off Commonwealth Ave in Boston, a high reslution version of my zoom can be found here (Xvid codec required).


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