Two new Add-Ons added

I actually made these NASA World Wind  Add-Ons quite some time ago but kept forgetting, and then putting off, adding them to the site, you can find them in the Add-Ons drop down menu at the top of the page.  Both the Add-Ons are pretty simple ones, but they are actually two of my more fun ones, and now I have installed them I am itching to update them.

The first Add-On is Africam, this was developed with help from Maurizio of MadMappers and is one of my favourite Add-Ons, it displays arrows denoting the location of several webcams in Africa, click the icon and the camera is opened in World Wind ‘s internal browser, the best ones are near real time streams with sound.  Be warned they can actually be quite scary at times, one of the cameras is located at a watering hole and has night vision camera with audio, listening to this has scared the cr*p out of me on occasion, hearing animal screams and then the sound of crunching bones is very primal.

The Wild Sanctuary Add-On is also simple, click an icon and a sound file is played, the sounds are from animals recorded at that location, I said it was simple didn’t I, it’s actually pretty cool and would probably be useful in geography lessons.

That’s it for now, there are a few more Add-On’s I have made but they were collaborations and don’t really belong here, I may add them at some point or possibly just links to their WWC pages.

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