Just feeling rubbish tonight so thought I’d share some gross toe photos, be warned!

big toe with bulbous red lump beside toenail

Toe after Comiccon

My year has been pretty shitty and I’m feeling more depressed and hopeless than I ever have, I’ve shared some of the stuff on this blog but there’s some I haven’t and probably won’t, I know people who have things worse than me and every day the news shows the pain this world is in, this doesn’t help unfortunately as I just feel that pain and hurt inside me too.  Anyway back to the toe, I have been putting off seeing my GP as I always tend to, but yesterday I was up in my wheelchair all day (at comiccon which I didn’t feel like attending but pushed myself to go) and it became much worse.

big toe with blackened flesh along side

Toe after GP had cauterised it

Today I gave in and called him out, he cauterised it with silver nitrate, it looks a lot better now but boy does it hurt, he’s not sure the cause but probably an ingrowing toenail, getting a podiatrist appointment takes ages so hopefully this will hurry them up.

Liv Tyler in black dress standing next to me in my wheelchair with Iron man top and Stark Industries baseball cap

Liv Tyler and me at MCM Birmingham

I can’t help but wonder what else will happen this year, we have a month left, plenty of time for more pain, physical or mental.  I’m hoping seeing the clinical psychologist who I saw for my panic attacks will help me mentally at least, it’s a last resort.  In the image above I just see an ugly freak in a wheelchair, when I should be seeing a good memory and smiling.

2 thoughts on “Toe

  • WTF!!! I see a brilliant bloke who doesn’t let sh*t keep him back, gets himself out there and kicks ass all over the place :)

    Yeah, and has been pic’d and groped by every stunning woman on the planet! :-)



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