Then and Now

I was talking with a friend recently about how I have changed in this last year, mentally it’s pretty obvious, well to me at least, I have more confidence, am more socially active, am more independent and haven’t had any panic attacks in a long time. The thing that surprised me was the physical changes, I hadn’t quite realised how big they were, I’ve put on weight, have a proper suntan and am generally much healthier, apparently these changes are quite obvious in photographs, which was unexpected.

Daniel Baker in bed Daniel Baker in wheelchair





The photographs above were taken about a year ago when I was in the local paper, the ones below are recent, hopefully you can see a difference and I’m not just deluding myself.


Daniel Baker in wheelchair Daniel Baker in bed


Whether or not there is an obvious difference I am much more healthy from changing my diet and attitudes, I’ve even been happy at times!

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  • I can only agree with your friend (um it was me but hey) there’s clearly a huge difference, you look so much stronger and healthier. Your skin looks amazing and there’s a new confidence there that was missing before.

    Really proud of how you have faced your issues, and addressed them, and I know at times its been a very challenging and difficult year but you have really proven how resourceful and strong you are.

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