The Add-On's blog is Alive!

I have severely neglected the World Wind Add-Ons blog for aome time, it was a  lot of effort to keep it maintained along with the wiki Add_On section (which I ended up creating most of the articles on),  today I spent a couple of hours looking through the World Wind forum and adding missing Add-On’s to the blog.  The Add-Ons blog was originally intended to only link to articles on WWC, but I have decided to link to the forums for Add-Ons without wiki pages, I simply don’t have the time to add every new Add-On myself, I also added Google Ads, sorry, I have put it in the sidebar so it should be pretty unobtrusive.

I hope I haven’t missed any Add-Ons in the update, if I have let me know, and give me a prod if I start slacking again.

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