Signed photo of Tom Welling and Erica Durance in the Daily Planet Offic

Wales Comiccon 2019

Wales Comiccon 2019 I have wanted to attend Wales Comiccon for a few years.  I finally bought tickets last year but became too ill a couple of days before and gave my tickets away.  This year I finally managed to attend Wales Comiccon 2019 and had a great day. Although it’s called “Wales Comiccon” this Read more about Wales Comiccon 2019[…]

Daniel Baker on the left cosplaying as Chuck and Zachary Levi on the right as Chuck

Daniel Versus LFCC 2018

  I had been debating whether to attend LFCC 2018 or not, it’s a great event but funds are low (an entry ticket plus parking alone costs over £50), carers are not always reliable and I’m not overly keen on Olympia as a venue accessibility wise.  I eventually decided I’d buy parking as I could get Read more about Daniel Versus LFCC 2018[…]