Virgin Media fail

For the past couple of days I have been having problems with my internet connection dropping, the only solution being to do multiple reboots of the Modem. At first I obviously thought it was something I had done, I had updated my Tomato firmware to a newer version (Teddy Bear Mod), but I couldn’t spot Read more about Virgin Media fail[…]

Google Streetview privacy still isn't acceptable

I don’t use Google Maps much, and streetview even less, but I was surprised to find out just how bad it is for privacy, I like most people assumed that it’s auto blurring technology would be pretty good, otherwise how could they be allowed to take photos of the entire country, surely the UK Information Read more about Google Streetview privacy still isn't acceptable[…]

Getting the old facebook back

Argghhh the new facebook design sux0rs, the sidebars just don’t feel right on the other side, I wouldn’t mind if they had added some customisation settings, anyway I found a solution to return to the old design on the group – 5,000,000 against the new version of Facebook Everyone keeps complaining about the new facebook Read more about Getting the old facebook back[…]