Privacy and a brief update

Well the meeting has been and gone and I have a reasonable care package until September, when it will be reviewed again.  I will post more about the meeting in a future post but the main thing is they agreed to me having a registered nurse, for now. This post is about privacy and AN’s Read more about Privacy and a brief update[…]

Google Streetview privacy still isn't acceptable

I don’t use Google Maps much, and streetview even less, but I was surprised to find out just how bad it is for privacy, I like most people assumed that it’s auto blurring technology would be pretty good, otherwise how could they be allowed to take photos of the entire country, surely the UK Information Read more about Google Streetview privacy still isn't acceptable[…]

Google SteetView reaches Cheltenham, UK

Well the vans have finally arrived in Cheltenham, they were first spotted yesterday and today at just after lunchtime they snapped my flat, unfortunately I didn’t get a “Google Sux0rs, World Wind Rulez” poster up in time, but I will be asking the StreetView overlords to remove my home as soon as it’s online.