Mariachi band made from lego at Legoland 2014 - New Photographs April

New Photographs April

I’ve been busy tweaking the site a bit, hopefully everything still works and the loading speed may improve, I’ve also added a few more photo albums.  I have hospital next week so I doubt I’ll be working on the site or uploading many photos, I may try to blog depending on how things go and Read more about New Photographs April[…]

A photograph of the front of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

I have been struggling a bit with being in my chair, my chest has been achey when first getting up and I’ve been having to recline after a while as I come over feeling nauseous and like I may pass out, I needed this trip to prove to myself that I was still capable of going further than the local shops and that this wasn’t the symptom of something more serious.

New Smartphone – Motorola Moto G

photograph of a bush with blue flowers

Well while I was in London last week I lost my iPhone (more about London in a future post), this was, in a way, a slight blessing in disguise, it caused me to ring my brokerage firm to check if I could claim on my personal assistant insurance, which as it turns out I didn’t have! I had filled in all the forms and sent them to the brokerage firm over a year ago, all I can guess is that it’s either my fault for not sending the insurance form directly to Fish or Compass messed up and