Wheelchair Services – Request for me to sign agreement on communication

I received this letter in June regarding my email correspondence with Wheelchair Services and Social Services, lets be clear I did not excessively email or phone them, probably 3 or 4 phone calls and 33 emails (a lot of which were confirming I had received an email) in about 105 days. As I was unhappy Read more about Wheelchair Services – Request for me to sign agreement on communication[…]

DFG Door Widening – Day 1

  I have been waiting since last year for my bedroom door to be widened, my nurse had suggested we contact the fire safety officer as she was concerned I could not get out of my room quickly in an emergency, I spend most of in my time in bed which is too wide to Read more about DFG Door Widening – Day 1[…]

A new fight – Wheelchair Services

Well here we go again, another NHS department, another arrogant budget watcher in charge of my case, this time I will call her Ms.Bush. I was supplied a Storm Power chair many years ago (1996?) by the wheelchair assessment centre, within the past few years I have used it less and less due to panic Read more about A new fight – Wheelchair Services[…]