Carrie Fisher in a pink/purple tie died top sitting down leaning over and touching my wheelchair tray, me in a grey hat in my wheelchair

Mental Health Awareness

The reason I’m writing this now is twofold, firstly after giving my last mental health workshop I suddenly realised I hadn’t once been asked about my mental health during my recent hospital stay, and secondly a talk at the Action Duchenne International Conference I attended at the weekend. I have been working with a group Read more about Mental Health Awareness[…]

Don’t Panic!


This morning was a reminder that you never fully get over anxiety and that it can sneak up anytime.

I had a training session with DROP on marketing in Gloucester, not a great distance, especially considering what I have been doing, and training doesn’t worry me at all, but on the way my anxiety started to build and my stomach churn, irrational thoughts started entering my head