Wheelchair Services – Request for me to sign agreement on communication

I received this letter in June regarding my email correspondence with Wheelchair Services and Social Services, lets be clear I did not excessively email or phone them, probably 3 or 4 phone calls and 33 emails (a lot of which were confirming I had received an email) in about 105 days. As I was unhappy Read more about Wheelchair Services – Request for me to sign agreement on communication[…]

Wheelchair Services – Another meeting

I had another meeting with wheelchair services on Thursday, this time I invited my neuromuscular advisor along too, mainly so she could see how meetings like this work and how wheelchair services assess someone. They brought in an Invacare TDX SP for me to sit in so they could take measurements and work out what Read more about Wheelchair Services – Another meeting[…]

Wheelchair Services – Update 2

The meeting with wheelchair services went pretty well, far better than I had expected, the O.T. had a totally different attitude, not sure if it was due to my emails or not, and the rehab engineer (who I’ve known for ages) was great, they will probably end up offering me a decent chair, maybe a Read more about Wheelchair Services – Update 2[…]

Privacy and a brief update

Well the meeting has been and gone and I have a reasonable care package until September, when it will be reviewed again.  I will post more about the meeting in a future post but the main thing is they agreed to me having a registered nurse, for now. This post is about privacy and AN’s Read more about Privacy and a brief update[…]