Another Wheelchair Assessment

After a lot of wrangling my advocate from the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign managed to get Gloucestershire Wheelchair Services to consider giving me a wheelchair voucher, this was turned down originally as my “needs may change within five years”, this was based purely the Occupational Therapist’s and Rehab Engineer’s opinions, they have no medical training and Read more about Another Wheelchair Assessment[…]

Freedom Of Information Request Response

I recently made a freedom of information request to NHS Gloucestershire regarding Wheelchair Services, I wanted to try and understand how well they were doing their job, below is the response I received.   Information received from NHS Gloucestershire Open Government License  From the above it seems only 101 powered wheelchairs were provided in Gloucestershire Read more about Freedom Of Information Request Response[…]

Wheelchair Services – email reply regarding speed etc.

As I mentioned, I had sent Ms.Bush an email with a few questions about the power chair they want me to have, as usual the reply (when I finally got it) wasn’t particularly helpful. My first question was about speed, I think that a 6 mp/h chair is safer than a 4 mp/h one for Read more about Wheelchair Services – email reply regarding speed etc.[…]

Wheelchair Services – Another meeting

I had another meeting with wheelchair services on Thursday, this time I invited my neuromuscular advisor along too, mainly so she could see how meetings like this work and how wheelchair services assess someone. They brought in an Invacare TDX SP for me to sit in so they could take measurements and work out what Read more about Wheelchair Services – Another meeting[…]

Wheelchair Services – Update 3

Wheelchair Services have contacted me again to arrange another visit in roughly two weeks time, they are going to bring an Invacare TDX SP and a rep from Invacare with them, while this chair isn’t perfect it’s a big step up from the Spectra they had originally decided on.  The lesson here is NEVER accept Read more about Wheelchair Services – Update 3[…]

A new fight – Wheelchair Services

Well here we go again, another NHS department, another arrogant budget watcher in charge of my case, this time I will call her Ms.Bush. I was supplied a Storm Power chair many years ago (1996?) by the wheelchair assessment centre, within the past few years I have used it less and less due to panic Read more about A new fight – Wheelchair Services[…]