Daniel Baker outside B&Q in his wheelchair with his dog Mya

So Where Am I Now?

So Where Am I Now?  I’m back at home and spent all of yesterday playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood with my cousin on my brand new 55 inch TV, and today I intend to take the dogs on a short walk.  Although I can’t manage too long in my wheelchair it’s still a long way from being in a hospital bed, so swollen I could barely move, with four drips attached to canulas in both my ankles!

Sunset over Hastings pier

The Hastings Trip

Me and my cousin Chelsea

As some of you may know (if you follow me on Twitter) one of my cousins from Canada visited last week, she came to surprise her Nan (my Aunt) who lives next door to us (yeah I get nagged at a lot).  It has been nine years since her last visit, she was only fifteen then and spent the summer here, it was a lovely time and we became very close, this time she was here for just ten days and she has a husband and two children!