Google SteetView reaches Cheltenham, UK

Well the vans have finally arrived in Cheltenham, they were first spotted yesterday and today at just after lunchtime they snapped my flat, unfortunately I didn’t get a “Google Sux0rs, World Wind Rulez” poster up in time, but I will be asking the StreetView overlords to remove my home as soon as it’s online.

How is this legal?

According to Google their licenses with imagery suppliers is so prohibitive they have to aggressively pursue programs which use that imagery on anything other than a web page, so can someone explain how viewing the same data inside Second Life is legal?  Did Google renegotiate with their providers?  Is Second Life breaking the law?  Has Read more about How is this legal?[…]

Another Google idea 'borrowed' from World Wind

And here we go again, Google release a beta API that lets you display a virtual globe on your website and the world goes ooh wow! We have had a World Wind Java API for over a year and have many users already. There is a big difference between our API and theirs though, with Read more about Another Google idea 'borrowed' from World Wind[…]