Bristol Zoo on The Train


I had decided a while ago I should really try travelling on the train again, things must have improved since I was last on one in my late teens, driving is also becoming difficult for Mum, so I picked a nice day and decided to go to Bristol Zoo as it isn’t too far and I’d never been before.

Early Access to Medicines

I’m no expert on this subject but I think it’s an important one, it’s a fairly new idea which hopes to cut the red tape and drive innovation in the medical field. Medicine along with many other branches of science has been somewhat stagnating since the end of the last century, before that we had a great boom, the space race was a great example of man pushing things to there limits, but there were accidents and casualties along the way and these have made governments, companies and people scared, more and more regulations have been put in place to safeguard people. Early access to medicines doesn’t want to scrap all regulations and put people in danger, it wants to encourage innovation and help people who have no other chance, people will be informed of the risks and able to choose whether or not to try a drug that hasn’t been through every possible rigorous trial before being approved,this takes years, and some people just don’t have that time, we need to honour the people who have fought and taken risks by being more adventurous ourselves, don’t let fear kill thousands more, push for early access, put pressure on MP’s, make the big drug companies see it’s worth the risk and help the small companies get their possibly life saving drugs on the market.

New Smartphone – Motorola Moto G

photograph of a bush with blue flowers

Well while I was in London last week I lost my iPhone (more about London in a future post), this was, in a way, a slight blessing in disguise, it caused me to ring my brokerage firm to check if I could claim on my personal assistant insurance, which as it turns out I didn’t have! I had filled in all the forms and sent them to the brokerage firm over a year ago, all I can guess is that it’s either my fault for not sending the insurance form directly to Fish or Compass messed up and

Early Access to medicine – Gloucestershire Echo

The Gloucestershire Echo contacted me to ask my thoughts on the governments new early access to medicine scheme, the article was well written and crafted, it’s good to see reporters not using patronising or disabling wording as is often the case, well done to Michael and the Echo.

'MOT' at the Brompton

It has been about eight years since I have been well enough to travel to see my consultant at the Royal Brompton, that time I had to travel in an ambulances due to severe panic attacks, it wasn’t a pleasant experience and when there it was just a quick sleep study and back home the next day.

View from Hospital room window