Updates – CHC, Wheelchair, DFG & Change of Care Agency

I decided I really should update my blog with what has been happening recently, I apologise for not updating it sooner, I have no excuse, I’m just lazy when it comes to these things. The biggest update is that I have finally changed care agencies, I have had issues with my agency for years but Read more about Updates – CHC, Wheelchair, DFG & Change of Care Agency[…]

Privacy and a brief update

Well the meeting has been and gone and I have a reasonable care package until September, when it will be reviewed again.  I will post more about the meeting in a future post but the main thing is they agreed to me having a registered nurse, for now. This post is about privacy and AN’s Read more about Privacy and a brief update[…]

Recording meetings in your own home

After having a bit of hassle with the NHS and Care Agency I decided to look up my rights, this information was very useful so I thought I would share it. The first thing to know is that it is perfectly legal to record audio and video in your own home, you can tell the Read more about Recording meetings in your own home[…]