A photograph of the front of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

I have been struggling a bit with being in my chair, my chest has been achey when first getting up and I’ve been having to recline after a while as I come over feeling nauseous and like I may pass out, I needed this trip to prove to myself that I was still capable of going further than the local shops and that this wasn’t the symptom of something more serious.


Last Sunday was a really beautiful sunny day in Gloucestershire so I decided to visit WWT Slimbridge, my friend and her daughter were supposed to be coming too, unfortunately their car broke down so it was just me and grumpy (Mum). I am not sure why but my anxiety has started playing up again (last night won’t of helped, but that’s another story), I started getting anxious before setting off, feeling a bit queasy, hyper alert etc. it’s getting annoying and ruining a bit of the enjoyment of going out, but I pushed passed it and by the time we arrived was pretty calm.

Don’t Panic!


This morning was a reminder that you never fully get over anxiety and that it can sneak up anytime.

I had a training session with DROP on marketing in Gloucester, not a great distance, especially considering what I have been doing, and training doesn’t worry me at all, but on the way my anxiety started to build and my stomach churn, irrational thoughts started entering my head

Sunset over Hastings pier

The Hastings Trip

Me and my cousin Chelsea

As some of you may know (if you follow me on Twitter) one of my cousins from Canada visited last week, she came to surprise her Nan (my Aunt) who lives next door to us (yeah I get nagged at a lot).  It has been nine years since her last visit, she was only fifteen then and spent the summer here, it was a lovely time and we became very close, this time she was here for just ten days and she has a husband and two children!