Quick and dirty xml for World Wind .NET

I was reading the forum at last and came across someone mentioning Danish imagery in World Wind Java, this seemed a bit unfair to .NET users so I downloaded the WWJ SDK and converted the data from Scankort to a .NET xml, I also included the California NAIP (slow speeds) and open street map layers. Read more about Quick and dirty xml for World Wind .NET[…]

Two new Add-Ons added

I actually made these NASA World Wind  Add-Ons quite some time ago but kept forgetting, and then putting off, adding them to the site, you can find them in the Add-Ons drop down menu at the top of the page.  Both the Add-Ons are pretty simple ones, but they are actually two of my more Read more about Two new Add-Ons added[…]

Castles Add-On updated to version 1.2

This has taken a while to update, mainly because it’s low on my priority list and keeps getting sidetracked, but after a couple of years I have finally updated my Castles Add-On for World Wind to version 1.2.  The Add-On now contains over 200 clickable placemarks! The Add-On is a fairly simple one, basically it Read more about Castles Add-On updated to version 1.2[…]