Brendan Coyle and Daniel Baker before watching The Price

The Price and catching up with Brendan Coyle

A couple of months ago Brendan Coyle sent me a message to say he would be appearing in a play in Bath, The Price, and did I want to catch up with him?  It was July 2017 when we filmed our scenes together for Requiem so I was very eager to see him and have a catch up.

A photograph of Daniel Baker in Black Park surrounded by pine trees

Summer fun

So my PA booked two weeks off, usually this would be a big problem for me as I’d miss out on getting up and going out, in the summer it’s even worse as not being able to get out in the sunshine sends me into very low moods.  This time was different though, I’ve managed Read more about Summer fun[…]

Two deer at Dyrham park rutting

Visiting Dyrham Park and Photographing Deer

The weather didn’t look too bad on Tuesday so I decided to risk visiting Dyrham Park, I try to do shorter visits to places in the colder months as wrapping up in the many layers necessary restricts my movement and sitting in a wheelchair can become very uncomfortable when you are so bundled up.