Starting a Local Photography Group & Slimbridge Visit

Starting a Local Photography Group

Pansies and a plaque which reads "When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure" before meeting about Starting a Local Photography Group

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure”

On Tuesday I met up with my mindful photography teacher Ruth and some former classmates at the Museum in The Park.  We discussed starting a local photography group, focusing on mindfulness and other things Ruth had taught us.

It was lovely seeing the familiar faces again.  I miss the course with Ruth and being set photography tasks.  The course was something that helped me focus, got me to try new things and also just slow down.

We unanimously decided we wanted to create our own group and meet up regularly.  It was decided to have a closed group, made up of people who have attended Ruth’s courses in the past.   Most of us have some form of mental health diagnosis so we need to feel safe.

Blue and pink flowers

Trying to take a mindful photograph after our meeting about Starting a Local Photography Group

I’m looking forward to seeing how the group progresses, there’s a lot of enthusiasm and momentum right now but I’m aware this can often fade quickly in groups like this.  I really hope things go well and we all stay in touch.  Some of the other members create amazing photographs who really inspire me.  Maybe one day I can even become a professional photographer myself!  Although I don’t actually know what defines “professional”, I would say at least two group members already are.

Slimbridge Visit

A mother goose sitting over her goslings

The weather wasn’t too bad after the meeting so I headed to Slimbridge for the afternoon.  My membership expires on Saturday so fitting in an extra visit was great.  The birds seemed a little more relaxed too, now that the school holidays are over.  There were also a few more goslings which are so cute!

The rest of the week

Wednesday I had a couple of meetings with DMD Pathfinders.  Today I need to catch up on emails, write the Pathfinders monthly roundup and try to ensure I am ready for the charities games night on Monday, more details here – DMD Pathfinders Games Night.

Tomorrow I am attending the funeral of a former carer, who also became a very close friend and whose family were a big part of my life.

We didn’t end on the best of terms and I wish we could have met again and put things behind us.  Our problems seem more trivial now and I have also realised external influences were involved in what happened.  I admit I was at fault too and could have handled things better, but neither of us could have known we wouldn’t get the chance to meet again, and we were both very stubborn people, hindsight is a bitch!

Jordan Mel Julie Rebecca Coral Berni at Daniel Baker's 40th Birthday

40th Birthday

I guess I’ll have to wait to meet her again in our next life.  She always promised/threatened we’d be husband and wife (although I’m pretty sure she intended me to be the wife and her the husband, I’m not so keen on that part of her plan).

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