South Africa Topo maps in World Wind….At last

Well I first made a test for this add-on last year, and had been waiting for Maurizio of Madmappers to get back to me about a license to distribute with it, so after 7 months I decided I should probably email him again. Well as always is the case it turns out he had been very busy, he actually hasn’t got a laptop capable of running World Wind anymore, so he can no longer demo World Wind to South African schools, which was his main reason for setting up servers with World Wind format data on in the first place. So after a few emails over the weekend we decided on a license, and tonight I finally finished tweaking the xml, made a wiki page and packaged an installer.

I don’t really deserve any credit for this add-on though, all the hard work rectifying, processing and putting them on the servers was done by FEF and Madmappers, I just stayed up until 3am to finish it and finally get it released. For those still reading, the data this add-on gives access too is 50k and 250k Topo maps of South Africa, along with a very small patch of aerial imagery. More data will be coming soon, when FEF get it uploaded we should have North Africa topos too, also madmppers have lots more imagery which could be made available if FEF get their act together and stop infighting. Well sorry for rambling on, well no I’m not actually, the site is called Bull’s rambles, but if my grammar was particularly poor and this post doesn’t make much sense I am sorry, it’s now 3:30am and my eyes can barely focus on this small text, must sleep, so its goodnight from me and goodnight from them, ah sleepy time…

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