Somalia SWALIM Add-on released


Ok it’s taken us a rather long time to complete, but after being sidetracked by many other projects, we are ready for a public release, this add-on has taken a lot of work from a lot of people especially Maurizio of MadMappers, and it’s great to finally be able to share it.

The Somalia add-on is a set of topographical maps covering Somalia in 100k and 200k resolution, Vector data of Mogadishu streets and general data, and displays areas affected by flooding, in addition a few areas also have othophotos provided by DigitalGlobe. The data in this add-on was obtained by Madmappers from various sources, they then processed the data and in collaboration with SWALIM,FAO and FEF put it on servers for access by World Wind users and relief agencies.

This imagery is not public domain, please see the license section for more information.

We are hoping to update this as more data and imagery becomes available, this is the first official add-on for World Wind that includes QuickBird imagery, there is more available but we need to gauge peoples response before we can release it, and of course get permission from the powers above, so if you find this add-on of use (especially if you work or live in Somalia) please let us know.

Get the add-on here.


A great compliment to this add-on is Chad’s Mogadishu Refugee Migration World Wind Add-On
which helps to highlight the current crisis in the area.

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