Slimbridge Visit

Daniel Baker selfie in green coat with black gillet

It was the first sunny day in a while where I’ve actually been able to get out without being too stressed.  Slimbridge is a lovely place, although it will be nicer once they’ve finished all the building work, I’ll probably hold off on renewing my membership until then.

This last week I’ve just been completely fed up with various things, the care agency are frustrating me all the time.  My new wheelchair tyres aren’t really suitable, it cost over £100 to buy and get them fitted, now I’ll need to pay out even more money, that I can’t afford, on new ones.  There’s also other things just generally getting me down.

Anyway back to Slimbridge, it’s always a lovely place to visit with lots of wild birds walking around, it’s all paved too so very wheelchair friendly.  There’s usually some nice quiet places to sit and relax too, although not so much during school holidays like today.

Two otters scrambling over a log

We wandered round for a few hours, saw cranes, swans, geese, ducks and even the otters.  The wild garlic was on the verge of flowering so there was a gorgeous smell by the children’s play area.

A goose flapping it's wings

As I said it wasn’t as quiet being the Easter holidays but we did find a couple of benches in the sunshine that were out of the way, being able to just sit and relax in the sun really helps my mood.

Although I had a relaxing day today I returned home to no afternoon cover.  The care agency can’t get hold of the carer who’s supposed to be in and can’t get anyone else as usual.  So more stress as I’m going to have to send them an email tomorrow with various complaints!

I didn’t take my camera as I just wanted to chill a bit, so apologies for the photo quality, all the images were taken on my Samsung S9.


A goose



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