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screen capture of homepage

Due to Brexit and warnings from Europe that .eu domains will no longer be available to British residents with no European address I decided to move to another domain I already own,

I would have risked not moving the domain in the hope that there will be some deal in the future that would let me keep the domain, unfortunately seeing the shambles our government seems to be in I decided to do it now and give the change adequate time to propagate, hopefully my search rankings won’t be too damaged then.

I also took the time to make some small changes that I’d been meaning to do, do updates, fix a few broken things and optimise lots behind the scenes, hopefully the site will now be faster and more responsive, if you spot any bugs let me know, I’m really hoping I don’t have to mess with anymore CSS or databases for a while!

screenshot of GiftOfSpeed results OPTIM. SCORE 98.69% SPEED SCORE 75.69%

I did find a few useful plugins during this process to make my life slightly easier, Duplicator, Autoptimize and WP Optimize were very useful, also GTmetrix and GiftOfSpeed were great for debugging and SEO.

The old site has also been redirected with a 301 until I lose the .eu domain and my store is now located at

Please update all your bookmarks!

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