Short Post – A Longer Journey Than expected

Well I decided to go for a walk while the weather was nice and I had two carers available to get me up, it’s rather awkward going out at the moment as Mum broke her wrist (usually my main carer) so I have to take the opportunity when I can.  Mum borrowed my Aunt’s disability scooter, strapped Dexter up and off we went.

Me and Dexter

It was a pleasant day, I decided to go up a nice lane, plenty of animals to see and scenery to view, at the end of the lane I usually turn round and come back the same way, I thought this time I’d come home a different way, so I asked Mum if turning right would lead to another way home, she said yes (she drives around the area so knows it better than me).

Me and some cows

After several miles of narrow paths, being scratched by bushes, having to drive in the road and worrying my ventilator’s low battery alarm would go off, we arrived back home, after a three hour, 5.53 mile journey!  Next time I will check the route back myself and not travel through Shurdington and Brockworth to get back to the Reddings.


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