Samsung Galaxy S20+ first impressions

These are my Samsung Galaxy S20+ first impressions.  I pre-ordered the new Galaxy S20+ last week as my S9 is literally coming apart at the seams (after a drop).  I couldn’t normally afford such an expensive phone.  But after an easy home insurance payout from Barclays for the S9, along with using my comiccon savings, which I’m not likely to need this year, I could just manage.

Before I start this post properly I must apologise for not posting anything in months.  I don’t want to go into details as to why just yet, but it’s been a difficult year so far.

Being a pre-order on Amazon I was expecting to receive the S20+ on release day.  On Friday I was disappointed to receive an email saying it wouldn’t arrive for at least another week, I assumed there was no stock as that’s what the email inferred.  After tweeting Amazon help, with no advice offered, I then looked on Amazon again.  The phone was saying eight left in stock.  So I went for a gamble, I cancelled my pre-order, then reordered the S20+.  It arrived on the next day!

I didn’t get much chance to test it over the weekend as I was stuck in bed.  It looked nice though and runs very smoothly.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ first impressions

Today I took a few shots while doing a quick dog walk (avoiding humans and scarf over my mouth).  It was a gloomy day and my first try with the camera, but the results didn’t astound me.  I even tried recording on a bumpy path with the much hyped super steady mode, you can see the results below, it’s definitely not super smooth.


1080p with super steady enabled
A Robin in a hedge Samsung Galaxy S20+ first impressions
A high zoom about 20X
A tree with pink blossom Samsung Galaxy S20+ first impressions
Random shot
Daniel Baker selfie in his bedroom with a scarf wrapped round his neck

I then got Mum to try some indoor shots of the dogs as they had just had haircuts. I used Vysor so I could remote control the camera while she aimed.

Mya a Cava-Tzu looking upwards Samsung Galaxy S20+ first impressions
64MP Uncropped
Mya a Cava-Tzu looking upwards Samsung Galaxy S20+ first impressions
Selective Focus
close up of Mya a Cava-Tzu looking upwards Samsung Galaxy S20+ first impressions
64MP close up crop
Mya a Cava-Tzu looking upwards Samsung Galaxy S20+ first impressions
Raw shot saved as jpg

As you can see there seems to be a lot of image smoothing going on, the 64MP shot doesn’t impress me at all. The Raw image isn’t too bad retaining detail. Using Selective focus shot seems best though, maybe the depth sensor is helping. These pictures were shot in the day, although a gloomy one, with my light switched on, not perfect conditions but better than a pub for example.

Below are a few processed shots, which show the S20+ isn’t awful by any means. The lack of a Lightroom lens profile is frustrating, but it is a very new phone I guess, the images also don’t seem to support depth when brought into lightroom, maybe that’s just for iPhones? Hopefully Samsung will release more camera updates soon too.

Kara a Zuchon laying on a bench in a kitchen
Close up of Mya a Cava-Tzu lying on the end of a bed
Mya a Cava-Tzu side view looking upwards

I’ll test more and do a follow up post in the future, with things like battery life included too. Getting out to properly test the phone may be difficult for a while though….

In the meantime I’ll be working with DMD Pathfinders on several projects, supporting friends and maybe even streaming some games on Twitch.

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