Royal Brompton – Day 6

I didn’t sleep great last night, it was cold and not particularly quiet on the ward, I woke at around 8am and didn’t see the point in going back to sleep so after my ECG and obs we headed out.

A butterfly sitting on Daniel Baker's baseball cap

Today we went to the Natural History Museum, it was a bit too cold to go all the way to the London eye, trying London’s accessible transport options is something I’ll try when I have more energy.  We were allowed to jump the queue which is always good, security is much tighter than previous visits, I see the reasoning but people forget the IRA were regularly targeting London in the 80’s and we didn’t give up our freedoms then…

Royal Brompton - Day 6 - animatronic Raptors at the natural history museum


The museum was interesting as always and the animatronic dinosaurs were brilliant, I also visited the butterfly exhibit which I really enjoyed, I didn’t stay as long as I usually would but managed to get some photos.

Crossing a London road

After this we popped to Hyde park for a little wander, it turned cold again though so we headed back after about half an hour.  I’ve had the routine obs and tummy injection and am now winding down ready for tomorrow’s journey back to Gloucestershire.

Edit: More pictures from that day below

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