Release builds now work and here is 1.4.1 alpha

I finally got the release build working in SVN with a lot of help from James_in_Utah, just checkout from SVN, run a debug build, then run a release build and it should work fine.

World Wind 1.4.1 alpha

I also mashed together an alpha of 1.4.1, this isn’t final, although any core changes are highly unlikely, also NASA had nothing to do with this build so don’t hold them responsible if your hard drive gets wiped.

You use this at your own risk, I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused

This is an x86 build and works fine for me in XP and Windows 7 beta, it has also been installed successfully on Vista pro SP1.

For discussing the alpha please use these threads at the World Wind Forum –

World Wind 1.4.1 Alpha

World Wind 1.4.1 Issues

6 thoughts on “Release builds now work and here is 1.4.1 alpha

  • I installed 1.4.1, and goes well. Happy…
    Thanks for your work.
    What are major differences of 1.4.1?

    Best Regards.

  • Hi Jim, most of the changes are under the hood ones, kml improvements, better rendering code and multi-threaded downloads (check in tools options), those are the ones I can remember, there have been a lot of other small fixes and tweaks too, personally I find 1.4.1 much more stable than 1.4.

  • Yes, good…

    -Altitude… For me, I am working in marine GIS business domain, That’s what I should do. Thank you…
    For example, Water surface. Ship handling Simulation. Too many things to do…

    And Where Can I get source codes for 1.4.1?

    Now I am trying to develop WW under .net 3.5 to integrate with WPF.
    Do you have anything to comment?

    Best Regards.

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