Recording meetings in your own home

After having a bit of hassle with the NHS and Care Agency I decided to look up my rights, this information was very useful so I thought I would share it.

The first thing to know is that it is perfectly legal to record audio and video in your own home, you can tell the person being recorded as a courtesy, but you don’t legally have to.  I obtained this information from the Information Commissioner’s Office, and the relevant part of the Data Protection Act, section 36, states –

36 Domestic purposes

Personal data processed by an individual only for the purposes of that individual’s personal, family or household affairs (including recreational purposes) are exempt from the data protection principles and the provisions of Parts II and III.

Secondly you are perfectly entitled to record telephone conversations too, according to OFCOM

Can I record telephone conversations on my home phone?

Yes. The relevant law, RIPA, does not prohibit individuals from recording their own communications provided that the recording is for their own use. Recording or monitoring are only prohibited where some of the contents of the communication – which can be a phone conversation or an e-mail – are made available to a third party

Finally here are some useful links if you find yourself in a similar situation to me –

  • CQC – This regulates care agencies, and the minimum standards pdf is a useful resource.
  • NMC – This gives you information regarding Registered Nurses, be sure to read the code of conduct.
  • DH – This is the department of health’s website and is packed with information, I suggest you at least read “The national framework for NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care – July 2009 (revised)”
  • CAB – Citizens Advice Bureau, useful for putting you in touch with helpful people, email them though as phoning and visiting doesn’t get you too far.
  • Community Legal Advice – Free legal advice.
  • PALS – They will answer any questions you have regarding the NHS, I’d suggest anonymous enquiries.

Thia is all just advice, I am not a lawyer so check the information out yourself, I cannot be held responsible if the above post gives any false information blah blah……..

Also note this post only relates to England.

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