Race across America World Wind Java applet

World Wind Java Race across America

The Gaea+ team have created a World Wind Java applet which displays the route of the Race across America, as well as the route the applet shows location details on mouse over and competitor locations.

A pretty slick implementation and the first time I have seen a World Wind Java applet that does this, World Wind .Net had a few race plug-ins, but I must admit using an applet in any browser is much more user friendly, I hope we see more of these applets start popping up soon, Atlantic Rowing Race anyone?

3 thoughts on “Race across America World Wind Java applet

  • Yes, nice ! I think it’s a case of horses for courses. Java may suit one purpose, javascript another. .Net may be suitable for one task while other technologies may be more suitable in other circumstances. I’m finding this in my project. It’s main defining factor is public outreach to as many people as possible so the project concentrates on technologies like OpenLayers and anything that can be run on lower spec machines that don’t have expensive hardware needed to run 3D apps. So I think it’s the myth of the “what is the best?” argument. Well, it depends what you want to use it for.

  • I totally agree, for low spec devices Earthbrowser is a good option, if you have a decent spec windows pc use .NET, others can use Java, the downside being the applet isn’t instant, whereas flash or javascri[t pretty much is.

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