OnMars (high resolution Mars imagery) available in NASA World Wind


As posted on The Earth Is Square Lucian from OnEarth has created an xml to give World Wind users access to high resolution Mars imagery, coverage is not great but should be improved as more imagery is processed.

From the forum post

Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Observer Camera Narrow Angle (MOC_NA) composite. A 0.5 arc-second composite of more than 50,000 high resolution images of Mars, located between 75N and 75S. It is an uncontrolled mosaic, the images are placed on the global frame based on the best known location, using a simple warp. Location errors are common, but it does match MDIM and MOLA rather well. The mosaic contains more than 300GB of raw image data, and images are still being released, so this layer will be updated if possible.Credits: JPL/Caltech/USGS/ASU/NASA/MSSS

Here are some images from the Cydonia region, a popular area for conspiracy theorists.

Martian pyramid

Mars face (looks like a cyberman to me)

Tholus (round hill)

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